Ulveslægten - illustrationer
Museum Project - Fregatten Jylland 2018
Suzanne Brøgger - IN magasin 2018
Muhimo Illustration and logo 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 3 Life and Death 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 2 THE AFTERMATH 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery 1 Navigation 2017
Strandingsmuseet St. George - Gallery1 - Shipping and Stranding 2017
Poetry by AnneGret Friedrichsen 2017
Alt for damerne - Editorial
Alt for damerne
The Rakish Gent
Erotic short stories
Original Artwork - "In-between fashion"
My Fair Lady
IN Magazine
When Pigs Fly - Winther poetry
Rosemary and the deerhunters
Alinea mm
Aarhus Theater
ALT FOR DAMERNE, Magazine for women, Casual dating 2014
Discover - Deliver UK
The European Code of Good Administrative Behavior, illustration for publication
Personal project
Dyrberg/Kern Hand Lettering
Discover-Deliver UK
Queensberry Fine Printing, New Zealand
Artwork for Norlie Childrenswear Spring/Summer2013
Two posters for Aarhus Theatre, The Cherry Orchard by Anton Tjekhov
Munthe plus Simonsen, Artwork spring/summer 2013
Munthe plus Simonsen, Catalog spring/summer 2013
The Danish Women Magazine ALT FOR DAMERNE, The winners of readers erotic novelle competition
Aarhus Theatre. Anton Tjekhov, The Cherry Orchard
Akvarel, personal project 2012. Inspiration comes from catwalk and goes very well in wet and wet.
ALT FOR DAMERNE, Magazine for women, erotic novelle 2012
Cluster mall, Norway 2012, fall fashion campaigne, inspired by movements
CPHmade 2012, Copenhagen craftsmen, drawings in ink and gouache
CPHmade 2012, Copenhagen craftsmen, wet and wet single pieces
NORLIE 2012, artwork for children clothing
Soul & Scent 2012, webshop, ecological beauty products
Rivet & Sway US 2012, stylish glasses for women
CLES Magazine 2012, French culture magazine
MagasinK 2011, is a magazine about communication by the Danish Journalist association
RANDOM LUXURY, Random Luxury Carol Tree Christmas Calendar. The tree and figures are made in water color, broidery is made by "Place de Bleu"
Mike Salisbury 2010-11, THE FRIENDS OF JODY THE COYOTE. A fantasitic story written by Mike Salisbury US, about the the surfer Jody and her searching
Zealand Pharma 2011, annual rapport
random luxury logo
Personal project 2010, inspired by the beautiful photos by Karl Blossfeldt
Brunns Bazar 2010, is a mall in the city of Aarhus, the drawings is for summer and winther sales campaign
Zealand Pharma 2010, annual rapport
Mamalicious 2010, maternity fashion
OLAY cosmetic packeting 2010
Magasin du Nord 2010, Decoration and navigation for the Magasin, departements all over Denmark
C3 magasin 2009, busines magasin
Hultquist-Copenhagen jewellery 2009, campaign
ELLE DK 2008, drawings for a series of articles, fashion lexicon and other illustrations
Eurowoman 2006-2008, illustrations for articles
GRAVID 2008, magasin for pregnant women
Heartmade 2004, illustrations made for the danish clothing company Heartmade